Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering resource offers a bespoke project service for the development of software and systems solutions within our knowledge base of experience ; this approach minimises risk and maximises client satisfaction. Case examples illustrate our systems engineering expertise and competence.

Raileasy – UK Rail

We provided a gateway implementing a structured data interface to the National Rail System via local and remote servers. The gateway also works with the ticketing database and files to Lennon and RSP. This was accredited by RSP (the approval authority on behalf of ATOC) as part of the client’s retailing Ecommerce platform. The gateway has been in reliable operation for over 5 years.

Subsequently we were awarded the project for the ticket issuing and distribution system. Initially we carried out a significant feasibility study which led to the design for the solution. Having agreed the Functional Specification, we implemented the Ticket Shop software using rail standard stock CCST format tickets.

The client’s contractor for ticket distribution, using the software, is now in operation on behalf of Raileasy. Later enhancements have been delivered supporting particular Travelcard tickets.

DFDS / Norfolkline

Over a number of years we implemented a series of solutions for Norfolkline, now part of DFDS, during its early years as a passenger service in the English Channel. Then part of giant Maerske, their Cosmos ferry operator system in a joint project with us was significantly enhanced for passenger operation and trade distribution :

This was a project stage completed under intense pressure to meet Norfolkline’s entry into the high traffic channel car market to France. We integrated their system with our distribution service, enabling major tour operators to take advantage of the peak booking season. Our technology platform was scalable and reliable and this was the foundation for later project steps for the expanding operator in new Irish Sea and North Sea routes, bringing onboard accommodation requirements.

With our project proving successful, Norfolkline’s system was well prepared for the demands of two new vessels, and ultimately our integration with the German SFS travel distribution network, demonstrating the value of our part in creating the successful international Ecommerce operation.

Other examples of our systems engineering projects include :

Eurostar – Elgar Direct reservations and sophisticated ticketing solutions to meet high departure demands and facilitate third party travel trade booking and ticketing. During a ten year period with many enhancements as their call centre solution, also used in about 50 other offices, it has amply proved our systems engineering capability.

Brittany Ferries – as partner in providing a bespoke distribution service handling all travel trade bookings made by Web Services and Unicorn channels. A long term contract.

Travel and transport developments often need long project duration and disciplined management as our experiences show. We have long term client relationships and a dedicated team able to meet the challenges.