Ferry Operators

Only by adopting a distribution technique can ferry operators effectively sell through strategic resellers and achieve volume trade sales.

Strategic resellers are all online partners actively selling around the clock. They bring their own speciality markets, points of sale, loyal customer databases, demographic profiles, regions and languages.

Added to these resellers, travel networks bring opportunities such as GDS and travel distribution communities with access to their associated agents.

Our Xchange Service is the key to enabling these opportunities, new channels and important partners to increase your reservation volumes.

A single Xchange link provides a reusable pipeline for all connected users in the business of ferry reservations and are attractive opportunities.

Many Xchange users are active in tourism with holiday and event packages, special interest groups such as mobile home operators and caravan club touring members.

Adopting the distribution approach extends your reach and improves success through international tourism channels, avoids price comparisons, and adds value with upmarket itineraries.

As a technical intermediary we do not own distribution rights or exclusivity, both of which can lead to high charges. As a technical service provider our activities are not compromised by a conflict of interest. We do not charge commissions or overrides.

Distribution via Xchange is an easy route to a broad range of strategic opportunities for expanding your markets and revenues.