Pharos helps its customers help their customers.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of effective communication and prompt responses for both ferry operators and travellers. During this challenging time, the numerous distribution partners, which ferry operators can easily utilise thanks to Pharos, proved to be invaluable assets. Even today, agents handle schedule changes with great accuracy and attention to detail, ensuring customer satisfaction for requests that some ferry operators might be unable to manage independently.

The recent growth in the number of ferry operators available through Pharos’s Xchange ferry reservation hub, alongside the increase in agents across Europe, underscores the crucial role of B2B2C distribution in the passenger ferry industry. This development has demonstrated the essential nature of these relationships in maintaining the industry’s efficiency and reliability.

Pharos plays a pivotal role in supporting its customers and enhancing their services and offerings to their clients. By empowering its partners, Pharos enables them to deliver superior services and products, fostering a more robust and customer-centric ferry industry.

Pharos helps its customers grow. Pharos empowers its partners to offer better services and products to their own customers.

Pharos Xchange invites ferry operators and agents to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across the passenger ferry industry. This partnership benefits all parties involved and enhances the overall travel experience for passengers.

Pharos: Facilitating Seamless Collaboration in the Passenger Ferry Industry

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