Online Travel Agents

As online booking rapidly dominates, offering immediate reservations by means of an integrated link to operators is essential to agents. Our reseller clients are proof that by selling round the clock supported by Internet marketing techniques, your organisation could achieve outstanding success.

Your reservation revenues will significantly increase by being fully automated as your sites will be available online at all times, giving maximum exposure of your brands and offers, a ‘one stop shop approach’.

Not surprisingly agents multiply their offline reservation volumes by four times or more.

Online Travel Agents are able to leverage their market specialities and unique selling points, promoting business development.

This includes your own market sectors which may be better exploited. All demographics may be individually promoted easily by creating specialist brands and interest groups due to the flexibility of the Pharos reservation services, in a way not practical without this technology.

In addition websites may be made available in many different languages and be promoted in many regions, extending your reach and success in the market place.

Our clients are increasingly relying on media channels which are equally well assisted by our Web Services technology.

The reliability, flexibility and performance of the Xchange service underpins the success of our Online Travel Agents.