How is Pharos’s customer Cruise & Ferry Center doing one year after implementation?

Reading, 28 June 2022: One year ago, Switzerland base agent Cruise & Ferry Center AG invested in online reservations automation at the height of the pandemic.

Entrepreneur owner for four years, Rebecca Giger-Senn, could not keep her success secret when interviewed.
We have already exceeded 2019 turnover in calendar week 23 of 2022,” she exults. After less than half of the year, turnover has already reached the full-year level of 2019, which according to Giger-Senn, was “an outstanding year”.
Asked what the reasons for the current boom in sales are, she explained the main factors.

“Ferries are becoming increasingly important as a holiday option,” she says, “due to several factors. Because of the pandemic, self-drive holidays are more popular, and the higher fuel prices don’t seem to show an impact. Individual travel by car, which is much less complicated to organise than by air, has become the new normal for an entire generation – still with much room to grow, as the volumes of air travellers to Mediterranean destinations show. This is where travel agencies play a crucial role for us. Our agency partners are powerful in offering ferry alternatives.”

All this, however, wouldn’t have been possible without their new online booking service launched less than a year ago. “The investment in Pharos and our own Internet Booking Engine has paid off in full,” explains Rebecca Giger-Senn.

What else is coming up at Cruise & Ferry Center this year? The number of shipping companies available via the (Pharos) online platform is being expanded at full speed. For example, destinations off the main routes will also be made available. And Ms Giger-Senn can and wants to afford personnel growth.

Alan Warburton, Managing Director of Pharos, adds: We are delighted to underpin Rebecca’s success, benefiting sales from technology with a fast, reliable search and book service, which critically enables her high-street agencies to select convenient travel options covering the continent.
We look forward to significant further growth with expansion in routes and destinations.

Source: Travelnews (Switzerland)