Xchange Service

At the heart of our activities, inaugurated more than ten years ago, is our Xchange B2B trading hub, responsible for handling our millions of transactions.

Xchange technical service is a pipeline to all parties, connecting a trading community of 60+ suppliers and 60+ resellers of all types.

The policy adopted in the early days over 20 years ago is that each solution is built on precise functional specifications and extensive software quality control. This is at the root of our consistently high performance and reliability of Xchange solutions and services. Transactions utilise only messaging and mapping techniques. Availability up time is 99.98% and performance is subject to our comprehensive SLA.

All solution software is produced, owned and maintained by the Pharos team of engineering professionals. We continuously develop our technology, tools and monitoring techniques to achieve faster response times, transaction processing efficiency, and security of continuity of service.

As online services become more prevalent, look-to-book ratios increase significantly ; we plan accordingly ensuring scalability and capacity is well in hand so Xchange can easily cope with traffic levels and seasons.

The system is hosted at dual ISP data centres with regularly proven failover and in the care of ICE ICT, a fully managed service provider with an enviable track record for professional client service management.

Multilevel client access and data privacy protection is built-in, together with Secure payment support to ensure all parties of confidentiality.