Transport Operators

Dedicated to surface travel, we have many operator clients in the ferry and rail sectors reaching back to our beginning in 1992. These providers require efficient and reliable distribution of their services through the international online travel trade. Depending upon our high integrity business-critical solutions, they have succeeded in exploiting valuable travel market needs.

Projects sometimes begin with understanding the native host reservations interface structure, some with composite protocols with specific objectives, which need to be mapped onto a single cohesive travel service.

Typically such projects require a bespoke systems engineering project foundation and functional specification acceptance before implementation commences. In their early stages they may entail feasibility and or pilot phases, and require formal project process and monitoring.

Acceptance by the client or buyer group may be subject to formal accreditation, extended pilot trials and exhaustive user testing.

The rail ticketing projects undertaken by Pharos are examples of formal project successes.

Many simpler distribution requirements solutions and services have been successfully provided which depend upon known message standards utilising Web Services and Unicorn.

These solutions in every case benefit our clients by full host compliance together with reliable Xchange Service.