Pharos inaugurates global ferry distribution

Reading, UK, March 2017 – Pharos is pleased to announce the availability of passenger ferry reservation services on a global scale, a first for the ferry sector.

Pharos, the ferry distribution intermediary, in collaboration with Hahn Air Systems and Tallink Silja Oy, has enabled the newly available ferry reservation service through worldwide Global Distribution Service (GDS) networks.

Hahn network users are travel agents typically located in towns and cities. In addition as members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Hahn also connects all major GDSs. So the ferry reservation service is available via Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Abacus, AXess, INFINI and Sirena to all subscribers to the GDS networks, amounting to an estimated 2 million agents worldwide. These agents are offered ferry travel where travel itinerary searches find published services such as the Tallink route Helsinki – Tallinn.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for global ferry travel trade distribution, easily taken advantage of by agents using their everyday flight booking screens to complete the sale.
The first ferry GDS reservations were made through OneTravel, one of the top 10 US online travel agencies

The first ferry GDS reservations were made through OneTravel, one of the top 10 US online travel agencies

Critically for ferry operators, this new distribution channel includes two vitally important features for trade reservations: The IATA network infrastructure includes the Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) system which rules that agent sales settlement is made automatically, eliminating financial risks which would otherwise render global dealing impractical. In addition agents do not need to be administered by means of trading accounts, relieving operators of onerous accounting for reservations through the channel.

Tickets are issued by the agent and passengers can easily and quickly download their boarding passes.

“Our partnership with Hahn Air Systems is key to enhancing our distribution strategy”, says Margus Schults, Managing Director of Tallink Silja Oy. “While we previously relied on direct distribution channels, we are now able to add indirect sales channels to our distribution mix.” Other Tallink routes will shortly be added to the service.

Tallink is an Estonian shipping company and is the leading provider of mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region. It’s also the premier provider of ro-ro cargo services on selected routes.

With 16 vessels, Tallink is able to offer passengers a wide range of services and frequent departures. It also offers connections between cities across the Baltic region, and popular routes include Paldiski and Kapellskär, Stockholm and Riga, as well as Turku and Stockholm.

“We have been focusing on growing our 5W-Rail&Shuttle network in an effort to bring additional connections for travel agents to offer their customers. We are now proud to welcome Tallink as our second maritime partner and we truly believe that we can support them in reaching new markets and unlocking new business opportunities.” said Alexander Proschka, Head of Hahn Air Systems.

More information about Tallink and other Hahn 5W-Rail&Shuttle partners can be found on


About Pharos Data

Pharos is a distribution and reservations service specialising in the passenger Ferry sector founded in 1992.

Pharos’ expertise and versatile Xchange trading platform provides Online Travel Agents, Tour Operators and other Resellers with a range of online ferry booking solutions enabling efficient profitable reservations with all their supplier partners.

Travel and transport clients include Eurostar, Thomas Cook, Direct Ferries, and Eurotunnel. Pharos’ Ferry Operator clients include Brittany Ferries, P&O Ferries, Red Funnel and DFDS Seaways.

Pharos is a member of the TTI (Travel Technology Initiative), member of the German Ferry Travel and Ferry Tourism Association (VFF) and an Associate of the Discover Ferries Association.


About Hahn Air Systems
Hahn Air Systems is a global consolidation service connecting airlines of all business models as well as rail and shuttle providers to all major GDSs worldwide.

Launched in 2012, Hahn Air Systems’ product H1-Air enables airlines that have only limited or no GDS connections of their own to be bookable under the reservation code H1 by over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets.

Hahn Air Systems is a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and 100% owned by the Hahn Air Group which is an international corporation based in Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany. The Group, which has offices around the world, including Minneapolis, Montevideo, Paris, Casablanca, Johannesburg, New Delhi and Manila, achieves an annual global turnover of approximately 1 billion USD for its clients.


About Tallink Silja Oy

Tallink Silja Oy is part of AS Tallink Grupp, the leading passenger and cargo transportation service provider in the Northern region of the Baltic Sea. The company owns altogether 16 vessels and operates under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line on 6 different routes, operating daily all year round from Stockholm to Helsinki, Turku, Tallinn and Riga. And up to 7 times a day from Helsinki to Tallinn. In the beginning of 2017, the company launched the environmentally friendly, LNG high speed ferry Megastar on Tallinn-Helsinki route. AS Tallink Grupp employs 7000 people and has annually over 9 million passengers worldwide.



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