Travel Trade Magazine: Everybody benefits from the current ferry booking boom – except travel agents

Ferry to Scandinavia is seeing a booking boom, reports Christofer Knaak in the recent February issue of the German travel trade weekly “Touristik Aktuell“.

DFDS had seen the best operating profit in history in 2016 and Mr. Knaak quotes Marc-Philipp Päper, DFDS General Manager Passenger Services Germany. He sees a strong growth predominantly in the Nordic destinations, from the British Isles all the way to the Baltic countries. Pharos’ own research confirms this trend.

A German magazine confirms that travel sales are booming but travel agents are not benefitting from it

An article by Christofer Knaak on the current ferry booking boom and how travel agents don’t benefit from it

However, in his article Mr. Knaak also points out that most of this boom bypassses travel agencies completely. On the one hand ferry operators invest millions in digital distribution technology – he reports Color Line had invested some €55 million in the recent years. On the other hand travel agents and resellers simply don’t seem to care about selling ferry.

Morten Haure-Petersen, managing director of Scandlines doesn’t quite understand why. He admits that 2% commission on a €39 ferry ticket might not be worth an agent’s effort. However, there were plenty of higher priced tickets on longer routes with up to 30% commission just waiting to be sold via the travel trade.

The article concludes with the summary: Agents could – and should make good money by selling the “oldest means of transport.“


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