Launch of new ferry service between Europe and Morocco

A major investment in new services was established recently for passenger and freight services between Morocco and Europe. Attica Group was chosen by the Moroccan banking group BMCE’s Bank of Africa as its strategic partner to operate the services through the new company Africa Morocco Link (AML).

The choice of partner centred on Atticas’ well proven and long standing operational excellence.

Annual traffic in the area currently is some 4 million passengers with great potential for further growth. (Shippax CFI July / August 2016)

Attica Group's "Diagoras" and "Venizelos" will operate for AML

Attica Group’s “Diagoras” and “Venizelos” will operate for AML

The new ferry link connects Algeciras in Spain with Tanger Med in Morocco up to 8 times per day. As AML’s main agent for France Pharos client Euromer of Montpelier is well established and looks forward to the new service becoming available.