DFDS Seaways – distribution boost from trade connection

DFDS is the very well known Danish ferry operator with 7 passenger routes linking the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Holland. DFDS offers a variety of products including Mini Cruises and Conferences in addition to leisure travel reservations.

Until recently online distribution depended on their Web sites, but there was a strong need for an integrated trade reservation service to complement this channel, and Pharos was awarded the contract to provide the vital trade connection, which went live in autumn last year.

This connection allows existing Unicorn agents in the UK to connect via our Xchange Service. In addition Xchange makes interfacing via XML easy, further boosting DFDS distribution by means of integrated trading with partners both in the UK and overseas. So online agents, tour operators, dynamic packagers, intermediaries and travel networks of all types can now access the operators’ reservatiosn system via Web Services easily and cost effectively, ensuring maximum exposure to the travel trade for DFDS.

DFDS are increasing business from all sectors due to the new channel with more bookings being taken automatically by far more agents than previously.