Camping + Ferry 2016 – Exit Poll Results

Holidays have been increasing with global growth in 2015 reported as 4%, in Britain increases in bookings have averaged 4% over the last five years and in Germany since 2008 by 5% every year.

Compare this with the recent growth in Germany’s camping market of 5.9% to some 75 million nights and we can see the exceptional trend in family camping holidays.

The majority of German family campers will go by ferry and in light of this boom we carried out an analysis of what people, who are currently booking their 2016 holidays, think about ferries – what they really want, what they believe they can have – and what they cannot have.

So Pharos sent a research team to the first major BC2 travel exhibition of the year, CMT in Stuttgart last week, to carry out an exit poll in the ferry exhibition areas during the nine show days: The market data could not be any more immediate and we are pleased to share it with you.

CMT in Stuttgart is very popular with caravan owners, camping and mobile home enthusiasts across Southern Germany and Switzerland. It took place from 16th – 24th January 2016.

Booking Channels

In an interesting split 39.1% of travellers will book all components of the ferry holiday in advance, whereas 29.2% stated they would only book the ferry in advance and then book the rest spontaneously.

Furthermore 16.3% merely reserve the campsite in advance but not the ferry.

More than half of the participants of this survey (55.7%) said they would book the entire journey in advance through an OTA or a high street travel agency if they had access to immediate inventory and prices, but complained that wasn’t possible yet.

Ferry is Exciting

Asked why they decided to travel to a destination that requires at least a part of the trip to be by ferry, 40.4% answered that ferry rides were a very exciting element of the journey. 33.5% think travelling by ferry is also very convenient and 31% even said that the actual ferry ride couldn’t be long enough for them.

Less than one third (29.6%) considered themselves as price-sensitive.

So this first reality check of the 2016 holiday booking period suggests people wanted to travel by ferry, price wasn’t the deciding factor – and the only reason ferry companies might not see their revenues growing at the same pace as the rest of the tourism industry is because ferries are not integrated with the systems of those selling the majority of holidays: Online and high street travel agencies.

To find out how to integrate with ferry providers come and see Pharos Data

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And here are the results of our exit poll:

The results of the 2016 exit poll