Caravan and Motorhome Club selects Pharos as booking technology partner

As Pharos is at an advanced stage in a vital technology project on behalf of the UK Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC), formerly The Caravan Club, Mr Chris Newey, Group Head of Travel Services, comments:

Chris Newey ‘The revisions in progress to our booking technology are expected to bring significant enhancements in our campsite and ferry reservations, two core services provided by the Club. We have confidence in success as the project nears live service, and reflect my personal experience with Pharos.

As long ago as 2004, then with Norfolkline (now part of DFDS), I worked together with Pharos when they created in super quick time a much needed trade distribution channel for the short sea operation, which proved very successful.

Undoubtedly this experience, in closely related trade reservations technology, has been an influential factor in CAMC’s appointment of Pharos. The revisions will impact in our member facilities in the UK and overseas.’

Alan Warburton, Managing Director of Pharos added: ‘Our aim is to provide dependable business-critical solutions and services in our specialist technology, working closely with partners such as the Club to support their high standards in membership experience.’



About CAMC:

Founded in 1907, the Club has become the largest touring organisation in Europe representing over one million members. The Club offers 200 sites and 2500 certified locations in the UK, plus 300 continental sites.