Brittany Ferries Brings Pharos On-board as Reservation System Partner

Brittany Ferries travel trade clients can look forward to enhanced selling opportunities following a recent long term agreement between Pharos Data and Brittany Ferries. Under the agreement Pharos will extend the scope and functionality of online access to the Brittany Ferries reservation system, providing simpler and more versatile options for tour operators, online travel agencies, intermediaries and other resellers integrating ferry bookings into their own sales processes.

A Web Services XML interface will enable clients and their technology providers to integrate ferry bookings with the Brittany Ferries reservations system for their own Web based sales applications. The new interface complies with the international XML standard for ferry bookings created by the TTI (Travel Technology Initiative).

Another stage of the agreement between the two companies is the enhancement of the traditional UNICORN service offered by Brittany Ferries, facilitating the use of IP connections in addition to the conventional X25 access.

The options offered by the new channels will create more efficient and versatile booking services for Brittany Ferries travel trade partners, and lead ultimately to increased trade bookings and improved user satisfaction.

“We have been implementing Web Services successfully for many years as a reliable and flexible basis for providing ferry bookings services for the travel trade. This was a major contributing factor to the confidence shown in us by Brittany Ferries in awarding this business critical service to Pharos”, noted Alan Warburton, Managing Director, Pharos Data.

Andy Richings, IT Manager at Brittany Ferries added :

“This service will significantly improve our trade reservations efficiency and enable us to give a better service to our trade partners. We look forward to more efficient bookings and increased volumes particularly through Web Services integrated links to client systems. We have worked successfully with Pharos as a technology partner for over a decade.”

The work of the TTI standards organisation and its collaboration with its international, US based, counterpart, OpenTravel, is of critical importance to the global passenger ferry sector.

General Manager of the TTI (Travel Technology Initiative), Mick Mott commented:

“The ferry XML standard was developed as a collaborative project and we are delighted that it continues to be taken up by the industry. It once again demonstrates that competing organisations can cooperate together for a common goal.”